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Pay your bills from anywhere!

Zaq iPhone and iPad application allows you to pay your bills on the go.

Zaq can store your payment details for your future use, on our security encrypted servers. You pay with Zaq by entering your PIN code when you scan a bill.

If you prefer, tell Zaq not to remember your details & simply re-enter your card number each time you wish to pay a bill.

Use your credit card safely via Zaq’s secure systems. You can also link to your Paypal account very soon. More & more businesses will accept payments from Zaq.

Who I Can Pay?

Zaq already handles most major billers in Australia and the list is growing every day.

While Zaq currently handles most major Australian billers, not every biller is supported. Here’s the good news. You can help Zaq learn. If you scan a bill and Zaq can not recognise the bar code, we will ask you to enter the payment details to process the payment (just like in your online payment process). The cool part is that Zaq will learn from you and others that use it, so very soon you’ll be able to use Zaq for almost every bill.

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Team Zaq

All of us at Zaq just want things to be simple - good software, good service, and ease of use.

Mobile payments should be fast, easy and able to be done by anyone, anywhere. Making payments as mobile you are. And they should be available for a wide range of bills, not just those from the big guys. For this, we have built Zaq. We hope you like it.

Zaq for Your Business!

Activate your bills and invoices with Zaq to make it easier for your customers to pay. Zaq Business is easy to use, cheap to activate & speeds up bill you get your cash faster.

Contact Us to Zaqtivate your bills now!

Mobile payments are growing in 2013, and Zaq is growing to take payments for more and more merchants.

We can give you the ZaqBusiness software to place codes on all your bills. It’s easy to use, it’s safe for you and your customers, and it makes bill payments a breeze.

Zaq is low cost, gives you complete control though our ZaqBusiness interface, and enables everyone to pay their bills from their phone in seconds - it’s mobile payments the way they should be.